Tuesday, June 9, 2015


On a lighter note from my last post, over the weekend my boyfriend and I got a kitten together. His sister also got a kitten from the same litter and so we have two! (We're ecstatic).

Our friend showed us this photo of her cats litter asking if we wanted any of them. (We've been looking for the past 2 and a half months!)
The one with the orange face completely stole our heart. Her current nickname is Pumba as we look for another, though we might keep it. :)
The one with the white back is her brother Piggy. He eats all of her food! 

When we first met them they were very shy. Pumba is the most timid of the litter. She hides behind furniture and hisses, but I won't be deterred. She just needs time and love. Piggy however, is more curious. He knows no fear and charges forward. 

This is their first meal in their new home! They're very hungry. 

Our friend adopted another pair from the same litter. It's a sibling play date!

The next day my boyfriend went out to by them a bed while I was at work. These were the photos he sent me. What cute little fur balls. I'm in love. 😍
I'm trying to get Pumba to open up. She's still a bit timid, but she loves to be pet. Turns into a total motor and just purrs away.

It's been about a month and a half since I started this blog. I never figured out how to attach videos,which sucks, but I'll share some current photos.

Pumba is now named Clover. She become a real social butterfly.

Piggy's name is still up for debate. Currently, Valerie calls him Puppy cat. He has so much energy, but the WORST farts.

Thanks for watching a snippet of their growth and lifetime with me :) 

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