Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cute Puppy?

So recent I came across this video about a cute puppy! The video shoes an adorable, what looks like a white baby Pomeranian(?), repeatedly jumping into the arms of the girl.

Here's the link for video:

I enjoyed watching this video a lot however, until I read upon the comments about the stores and their relations to puppy mills in which, the stores would sell puppies that come from puppy mills for profit. I did some research about them and found out that, any store that sells puppies are profiting off of puppy mills. And also that, it's better to adopt puppies from stores that offer that in order to give puppies homes, saves money, and people are not supporting the continual use of puppy mills. Judging by the video in a different perspective, it does look like they are selling the puppies. The puppies are kept in small living spaces, sometimes with another puppy, and there were price signs possibly. The lower living space under the white puppy had a dog bone tag in the corner of the space, it could be a sign of selling the puppy. Another sign that does show they are selling these puppies are the decoration placed around the puppies, there were colorful papers to make the living space "pretty". 

In a response to the comments I saw, is it a cute video? Yes. Is it wrong for stores to sell these puppies that have a high chance to come from puppy mills? Yes. However, this video was posted for enjoyment of watching the cute puppy whereas people are bringing this up as, "sharing this video supports puppy mills!" I disagree, sharing the video itself only shows the puppy and not people constantly buying the puppy with every "share". Moreover, people who come over the video will likely look and the comments and be educated about the stores and puppy mills in turn, will might end up like myself, researching to see if it's actually true. We can't ignore the puppy mills but isn't that a little extreme to make a innocent video so controversial? 

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