Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Owls in the Night

Owls have always had a special place in  my heart. I think this stems from my grandmother having owl trinkets all around her home when I was younger. I inherited a lot of owl items when she passed and I keep them dear to my heart because they are pieces of her that I have scattered throughout my home. As a child, owls kind of gave me the creeps because of their big eyes and the fact that they only came out in the dark-- and believe me I was deathly afraid of the dark as a child (and I definitely still can be). Now, I look at them in a different way. They are smart creatures and can be mischievous in many different ways, and also have special abilities that they are born with. I envy the people in these videos and the way in which they get to interact with these beautiful creatures. I have only seen owls with my eyes from far away, which I guess is special in and of itself, but I would love to be able to touch, hold and chatter with the sweet animals.

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